About Us

Rókki book purses and book clutches are handcrafted from actual book covers with care and attention to detail, resulting in a high-quality, distinctively designed, one of a kind accessory. If you’re looking for a statement piece to add to your fashion collection, you’re in the right place.

Rókki book purses are versatile for any occasion, and sure to impress. Why be ordinary? Carry your essentials in style.

Books are symbols of who we are, part of our individual and collective history. Transforming the cover from a special book that’s languishing unseen on a dusty bookshelf into something that highlights its artistic value and enables you to carry it with you is a way of honoring it.

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We find the fabulous book covers we craft into purses in resale shops, on the dusty shelves of used book stores, at library used book sales and online sales. The books are often damaged from use or age, and may need repair work. After the pages are removed, the spines are widened and reinforced. The fun part of designing a book purse is choosing the fabric, closure and strap. Finally, we put plenty of pockets for all your stuff inside every book purse we make, so they are pretty and practical.

You’ll be pleased to know we do not use first editions or rare books, and the pages are rebound or recycled into bookmarkers, note cards and more, as you can see here.

Please visit our Etsy shop to purchase Rókki book purses and book clutches. You’ll find many fashionable styles ranging from contemporary to vintage.

We ship worldwide. Some of the fabulous places where our book purses have gone are marked on the map below.