DIY Sock Snowmen


A family of snowmen! This is an inexpensive craft that takes couple of socks, buttons, rice, rubber bands, some beads and fabric scraps or ribbon! I made mine out of some big white crew socks from the Family Dollar Store. You could use tube socks, too, and just about any size will work. It’s a fun project for kids who can handle sewing with needle and thread. For younger children, you could use glue.

IMG_2402First, cut the sock off at the heel.

IMG_2403Fill the foot with rice. I used pearl barley, only because it’s what I had in my pantry. Here’s a tip: work on a cookie sheet so you don’t have rice scattered all over your table.

IMG_2404Form a gourd shape, with a heavier bottom, and tightly rubber band the top.

IMG_2405Use another rubber band for the neck. Don’t make it too tight. You can push the rice from the body up into the head, or vice versa, to get the proportion you like. 

IMG_2401Sew buttons down the front. I saved the eyes for last, after I put the cap on.

IMG_2407For the hat or cap, I turned the cuff inside out and banded the top, then turned it right-side out. You can make long or short caps.


Now put the cap on and decorate! So simple!

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